March 23 in the Bionic Files

1977: S02E20 of The Bionic Woman, ‘The Night Demon‘. Jaime visits an old TBW-The_Night_Demon-titlecardfriend, Thomas, who has uncovered a relic called the Night Demon. The locals believe it to be cursed, however Thomas tells Jaime that local landowners are attempting to buy his land and are trying to scare him away. Jaime is then haunted at night by a large black creature, resembling the Night Demon. On investigating, she discovers it is only a costume and dons it herself to scare away the landowners. Cast: Jeff Corey (Thomas Bearclaw), John Quade (Hawkins), Gary Lockwood (Lyle Cannon), Howard McGillin (Sgt. Don Woods), J. Jay Saunders (Capt. Anders).