June 25, 1984: Roger Taylor is on a ‘Strange Frontier’

Roger_Taylor-Strange_frontierStrange Frontier is the second album by the English musician Roger Taylor. This album includes two covers as well as a heavier sound than the previous album. Although Taylor again played most of the instruments himself (drums, guitars, bass and keyboards) and did most of the vocals, there were some occasional cameos by producer David Richards (on synths and piano), Status Quo member Rick Parfitt (on rhythm guitar) and Queen’s bass guitarist John Deacon (on bass and mixing), Brian May (rhythm guitar on “Man on Fire“) and Freddie Mercury (additional keyboards, and it is rumoured Mercury did backing vocals on “Killing Time”, although this is speculative).

Multiple musical elements from the song “I Cry for You (Love, Hope and Confusion)” (the drum machine, harmonies, chord progressions and overall arrangement) would be reused for the Queen hit song “Radio Ga Ga“, released later the same year. [Wikipedia]

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June 22, 1979: Queen release ‘Live Killers’

Queen_Live_KillersLive Killers is a live album by the British rock band Queen. It received strongly negative reviews from critics on release. In a retrospective appraisal, Greg Prato of AllMusic found the initial reaction inexplicable, calling the album “an excellent document of Queen at the height of their ’70s arena rock powers”. [Wikipedia]

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June 19, 1989: Queen release “Breakthru”

Queen_Breakthru“Breakthru” is a song by the British rock band Queen. Written by Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor but credited to Queen, it was released from the album The Miracle. The single reached #7 in the UK, and peaked at number 6 in the Netherlands and Ireland, but failed to chart in the US. The song is remarkable for its video where the group is performing the song on an open platform of a fast-moving steam train. [Wikipedia]

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June 18, 1976: Queen releases “You’re My Best Friend”

“You’re My Best Friend” is a song by the British rock band Queen, written by bass guitarist John Deacon. It was originally included on the album A Night at the Opera in 1975, and later released as a single. In the US, “You’re My Best Friend” went to number sixteen. The song also appeared on the Live Killers (1979) live album and on the compilation albums Greatest Hits (1981), Absolute Greatest (2009) and Queen Forever (2014). [Wikipedia]

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June 17, 1996: Queen release “Let Me Live”

06-17-1996-Let_Me_Live“Let Me Live” is a song by Queen, from the album Made in Heaven. Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor and Brian May share lead vocals, with Mercury singing the first verse, Taylor singing the second verse & bridge, and May singing the last verse. During the choruses, all of the band members sing (except for John Deacon), as well as a background choir, giving it a gospel sound reminiscent of the band’s 1976 single “Somebody to Love”. The single reached #9 in the UK Single Charts. [Wikipedia]

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June 9, 1986: Queen release “Friends Will Be Friends”

06-09-1986-Friend_Will_be_Friends“Friends Will Be Friends” is a song performed by Queen and written by Freddie Mercury and John Deacon, included on the album A Kind of Magic. It was the band’s 30th single in the UK upon its release, reaching number 14 in the UK.

“Friends Will Be Friends” was performed live on The Magic Tour. It is remarkable in that it was the first and only song that was sung at the end of concerts between “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions” since the News of the World Tour in 1977. [Wikipedia]

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May 30, 1980: Queen “Play The Game”

PlaythegamePlay the Game” is a song by British rock band Queen, written by Freddie Mercury. It is the first track on the first side of their 1980 album The Game. It also appears on their Greatest Hits album. The song commences with a series of overlapping rushing noises on an Oberheim OB-X synthesiser, heralding the band’s acceptance of electronic instruments into their once explicitly “no synths” sonic repertoire. They played it in their live shows from 1980-82. The single reach No 14 in the UK Singles Chart. [Wikipedia]

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May 26, 1992: Queen releases Live At Wembley ’86

Queen_Live_At_Wembley_'86Live at Wembley ’86 is a double live album by English rock band Queen. It was recorded live on Saturday 12 July 1986 during the Magic Tour at Wembley Stadium in London, England.

During the introduction to “Who Wants to Live Forever“, Mercury addressed the rumours at the time of a Queen breakup by pointing to his bottom and saying, “They’re talking from here!”. He went on to say “So forget those rumours, we’re gonna stay together until we fucking well die, I’m sure of it.” [Wikipedia]

The album went to No 2 in the UK and was certified Platinum.

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May 25, 1998: Brian May releases “The Business”

Queen guitarist Brian May went into his home studio after the completion of the last Queen album, Made in Heaven, to start work on a “Heroes” concept, recording his favourite tracks from his favourite artist.  However, the idea soon mutated into a full album, Another World. Some of the covers found their place on the album, whilst others were released as B-sides to singles.

Joining May were drummer Cozy Powell, who died in a car accident before the album was completed, and his ex-Whitesnake band mate, Neil Murray, on bass.  Guitarist Jeff Beck and singer Ian Hunter also guested.

BRIAN_MAY_THE+BUSINESS-118063The Business” was released as the lead single in tribute to Powell.  Watch a fan made video on the taxirock YouTube Channel.


May 22, 1989: Queen release The Miracle

Queen_The_MiracleThe Miracle is the thirteenth studio album by the British rock band Queen. The album was recorded as the band recovered from Brian May‘s marital problems and Freddie Mercury‘s AIDS diagnosis in 1987 (which was, though known to the band, not publicised at the time). Recording started in January 1988 and lasted for an entire year. The album was originally going to be called The Invisible Men, but three weeks before the release, according to Roger Taylor, they decided to change the name to The Miracle. It was also the last album to feature a band photo with all four original members on the front cover.

The album reached No 1 in the UK Albums Chart and achieved Platinum certification. It would prove to be the band’s penultimate album to be recorded with Freddie Mercury, as he died in November 1991, less than a year after the next album, Innuendo, was released.

Five singles were released from the album: “I Want It All“, “Breakthru”, “The Invisible Man”, “Scandal”, and “The Miracle”. [Wikipedia]

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