July 16, 1987 in Doctor Who: “The Sensorites” novelisation published

“The TARDIS materialises on board a dark and silent spaceship. As the First Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara penetrate the craft’s eerie gloom they come across what appear to be the bodies of two dead astronauts.

But the astronauts are far from dead, and are living in mortal fear of the Sensorites, a race of telepathic creatures from the Sense Sphere.
When the lock of the TARDIS is stolen the Doctor is forced into an uneasy alliance with the aliens. And when he arrives on the Sensorites’ planet he discovers that it is not only the humans who have cause to be afraid…”

The Sensorites was a novelisation based on the 1964 television serial The Sensorites. [tardis.wikia.com]


July 15, 1993 in Doctor Who: “The Power Of The Daleks” novelisation published


Disorientated after his regeneration, the Second Doctor takes the TARDIS to the Earth Colony Vulcan. Ben and Polly are disturbed — the Doctor isn’t the man he used to be.

The Doctor too is worried. The colonists have found the remains of two Daleks — which they plan to revive.

Once revived, the Daleks claim that they are content to serve humanity. Can it really be true? Or do they have their own, more sinister plans?

This is a brand-new novelisation of a classic Dalek story, which is also the first story to feature Patrick Troughton as the Doctor. It has been unavailable since its broadcast in 1966.”

The Power of the Daleks was a novelisation based on the 1966 television serial The Power of the Daleks, written by John Peel, published by Virgin Books in July 1993.

Along with The Evil of the Daleks and The Paradise of Death, this was significantly different from previous titles. The three were regarded as a bridging point between the old Target range of Doctor Who books and the soon-to-be-launched Virgin Missing Adventures range, while also fitting in with the ongoing Virgin New Adventures range. They all had a new-look cover with no Target logo being featured. Furthermore, each title was identified as part of the Doctor Who imprint and not the Target imprint. Together, these three books were unique. While part of the Virgin brand, they did not include the Virgin branding, a fact that was not overlooked. From the start it was decided that the Doctor Who imprint would be replaced with the more “appropriate” Virgin branding more associated with the New Adventures range.

The script of this serial, edited by John McElroy, was published by Titan Books in March 1993. [tardis.wikia.com]