July 19, 1993: The No More Brothers remix Freddie Mercury’s “Living On My Own”

“Living on My Own” is a song by Freddie Mercury, originally included in his first solo album Mr. Bad Guy. It was released as a single (backed with “My Love Is Dangerous”) in September 1985 in the United Kingdom where it peaked at number 50. The July 1985 release in the United States had “She Blows Hot & Cold” as its B-side.

In 1993, two years after Mercury’s death, the No More Brothers Mix of the song was released and reached number 1 in the UK and France, becoming Mercury’s first solo number 1 hit; in the rest of the world including Europe, Asia and IberoAmerica this version also reached the top in the charts, meanwhile in the United States and Canada the 1993 version was not officially released. It remained at the top for two weeks on the British charts.

1993 edition
A. Living on My Own (Radio mix)
B. Living on My Own (1992 album remix)



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