July 6, 1990 in UK cinemas: I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle


I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle is a low-budget comedy horror about a motorcycle possessed by an evil spirit.

Set in a Birmingham, England suburb, the film is about a man named Noddy (Neil Morrissey) and his girlfriend Kim (Amanda Noar) who operate a motorcycle courier business. One day Noddy bought a classic motorbike, a 850cc Norton Commando, and restored it. That motorbike, however, is possessed by the evil spirit of a man who was being summoned by an occultist who was killed by a motorbike gang. Whenever the spirit is overcome by a seeming blood lust, the bike would start up, ride on its own and kill people, particularly members of the Hells Angels.

Michael Elphick plays Inspector Cleaver and Anthony Daniels plays the eccentric priest who attempts to exorcise the bike’s evil spirit. [Wikipedia]


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