July 1: Genevieve Bujold is 75

07-01-1942-Genevieve_BujoldGeneviève Bujold is a Canadian actress best known for her portrayal of Anne Boleyn (pictured) in the 1969 film Anne of the Thousand Days. She won a Golden Globe Award for best actress and was nominated for an Academy Award. She has played roles in numerous Canadian, American, and French films.

From the early 70s, Bujold was touted to become a star, but she walked away from her contract with Universal Studios. The resulting lawsuit was settled when she agreed to appear in the 1974 disaster film Earthquake, opposite Charlton Heston, and the 1976 adventure film Swashbuckler, opposite Robert Shaw. In the ensuing years, she appeared in Obsession, opposite Cliff Robertson (1976); Another Man, Another Chance, opposite James Caan (1977); Coma, opposite Michael Douglas (1978); Monsignor, opposite Christopher Reeve (1982); and Tightrope, opposite Clint Eastwood (1984).

In 1994 Bujold was chosen to play Captain Elizabeth Janeway (subsequently renamed to Captain Kathryn Janeway), lead character in the ensemble cast of the American television series Star Trek: Voyager. However, she dropped out after filming just a few scenes of the first episode, citing the lengthy work schedule for a TV series and her unwillingness to do news interviews. The producers subsequently hired TV veteran Kate Mulgrew for the role.

Bujold continues to work, primarily in small-budget films with independent production companies.


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