July 1, 1957 on UK radio: The Clitheroe Kid

RAdio-21002The Clitheroe Kid was a long-running BBC radio comedy show featuring diminutive Northern comedian Jimmy Clitheroe in the role of a cheeky schoolboy, who lived with his family at 33 Lilac Avenue in an unnamed town in the North of England. The pilot show, pilot series, and 16 subsequent series totalled 290 episodes in all, broadcast between April 1957 and 13 August 1972.

Apart from Clitheroe, the show’s stars included Peter Sinclair playing Clitheroe’s Scottish granddad, Patricia Burke as his mother (in some early shows the part was played by Renée Houston), and Diana Day as his long-suffering sister Susan . The Oldham comedian Danny Ross played Alfie Hall, Susan’s daft, tongue-tied boyfriend, who was often drawn into Jimmy’s reckless schemes and never learned to steer clear of him. Finally, Tony Melody played Mr Horatio Higginbottom (his first name was rarely used), a 6’4 taxi driver, Granddad’s drinking buddy, and father of Jimmy’s “pal Ozzie”; he was always threatening to give Jimmy a good hiding for things he had done to Ozzie. Ozzie was rarely heard, though his muffled voice features in the episode “Trouble with Higginbottom” when he is ejected from a bus by the conductor.

In the pilot series other members of the cast included John Broadbent, Violet Carson, Fred Fairclough, Fred Ferris, Tom Harrison, Jack Howarth, Shirley King, Eddie Leslie, Tony Melody, Bob Monkhouse, Herbert Smith, Brian Trueman, Jack Watson, Patrick Wells, Leonard Williams and Rosalie Williams. [Wikipedia]


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