June 30, 1962 on UK TV: Out Of This World

Out_Of_This_World-1962Out of This World is a British science fiction anthology television series made by ABC Television and broadcast in 1962. A spin-off from the Armchair Theatre anthology series, each episode was introduced by the actor Boris Karloff. Many of the episodes were adaptations of stories by science fiction writers including Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick and Clifford D. Simak. The series is generally seen as a precursor to the BBC science fiction anthology series Out of the Unknown.

Thirteen episodes of Out of This World were broadcast on Saturday nights at 10 p.m. from 30 June 1962. The Armchair Theatre presentation of “Dumb Martian” was originally intended to be part of Out of This World, in line with most episode guides published for this series.

Karloff, well known for his association with the horror film genre, was chosen as host for TV-UK-06-30-1962the new series. This was an idea taken from such U.S. anthology series as The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Thriller (which Karloff himself had hosted) and was in line with what had been done for Armchair Mystery Theatre, which was introduced by Donald Pleasence.

Three scripts for Out of This World, adaptations of Philip K. Dick’s “Impostor” and Clifford D. Simak’s “Immigrant” as well as an original story called “Botany Bay”, were supplied by Terry Nation. These scripts were Nation’s first professional foray into the genre for which he would become best known; he would later go on to create the popular Dalek monsters for the science fiction series Doctor Who as well as his own science fiction television series Survivors and Blake’s 7. [Wikipedia]

Listen to the theme tune on the Sids60sSounds YouTube Channel.


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