June 29, 1983 in US cinemas: Space Raiders

“He’s ten years old and they’ve taken him ten million miles into space.”

Space_Raiders-1983Space Raiders, also known as Star Child, is a science fiction film written and directed by Howard R. Cohen and produced by Roger Corman. The film was made during the time when many studios were releasing space opera films following the success of Star Wars, however the film was panned by critics especially for its reuse of special effects footage and music (composed by James Horner) taken from Corman’s 1980 film Battle Beyond the Stars. [Wikipedia]

Captain C.F. “Hawk” Hawkens (Vince Edwards) a former Space Service Colonel turned pirate leads his crew on a mission to steal a freighter owned by an interstellar corporation simply referred to as “The Company”… [IMDB]


Watch the trailer on the Dark47Hunter YouTube Channel.


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