June 29, 1939 in UK cinemas: The Saint In London

“He’s at it again! Fiction’s fighting man of mystery! Chasing down the most dramatic crime in London legend! Shock-charged drama–with a peppery bit of love on the side! You’ll laugh–shiver–THRILL!”

The_Saint_In_London-1939The Saint in London is a British crime film, the third of eight films in RKO‘s film series featuring the adventures of Simon Templar, alias “The Saint”.

The film starred George Sanders as Templar and was produced by William Sistrom. John Paddy Carstairs directed. Lynn Root and Frank Fenton wrote the screenplay based on Leslie Charteris‘ short story “The Million Pound Day”, which was published in the 1932 collection The Holy Terror, published in the US as The Saint vs. Scotland Yard.


The Saint picks up a man on a country road, leading him into a web of currency fraud, a couple of murders and much skulduggery. The case is complicated by an enthusiastic young lady. [Wikipedia]

Watch a preview clip on the warnerarchive YouTube Channel.


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