June 23, 1977 in Doctor Who: Brain Of Morbius novelisation published

Why do so many spaceships crashland on Karn, a bleak, lonely and seemingly deserted planet?

Are they doomed by the mysterious powers of the strange, black-robed Sisterhood, jealously guarding their secret of eternal life? Or does the mad Dr Solon, for some evil purpose of his own, need the bodies of the victims? And more especially, the body of DOCTOR WHO …

Doctor_Who_and_the_Brain_of_MorbiusDoctor Who and the Brain of Morbius was a novelisation, by Terrance Dicks, based on the 1976 television serial The Brain of Morbius.

In 1980, Dicks published a shorter version of this novel, Junior Doctor Who and the Brain of Morbius, aimed at younger readers; it was one of two such experiments.

Find out more at tardis.wikia.com.


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