June 20, 1964 in Doctor Who: The Sensorites

The Sensorites was the seventh story of the first season. Though ‘The Keys of Marinus‘ and ‘The Daleks‘ had both been clear examples of science fiction Doctor Who adventures, neither had specifically stated they were in the future (although ‘The Edge of Destruction‘ retroactively said ‘The Daleks’ was set in some undisclosed period in the future). By contrast, ‘The Sensorites’ was the first story to flatly claim a setting more than a century after the broadcast.


The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan arrive in the TARDIS on board a spaceship. Their initial concern is for the ship’s human crew, who are suffering from telepathic interference from the Sensorites, but Susan communicates with the Sensorites and finds the aliens fear an attack by the humans and are just defending themselves. Travelling to the Sense Sphere (the Sensorites’ planet) the Doctor seeks to cure an illness to which the Sensorites and Ian have succumbed but finds it has been caused by deliberate poisoning. The political manoeuvring of the Sensorite City Administrator poses another threat to the TARDIS crew as he seeks to discredit and implicate them.

Find out more at tardis.wikia.com.

The Doctor doesn’t make threats on the Doctor Who YouTube Channel.


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