June 16, 1970 in UK cinemas: Doctor In Trouble

“It’s HIGH HILARITY when that well-known “DOCTOR TEAM” makes a maiden voyage…and almost makes out with every maiden aboard – and overboard!”

Doctor_in_Trouble-1970Doctor in Trouble is a British comedy film, the seventh and last film in the Doctor series. It was directed by Ralph Thomas and stars Leslie Phillips as a doctor who gets accidentally trapped on an outgoing cruise ship while it begins a round the world trip. The cast was rounded out by a number of British comedy actors including James Robertson Justice, Harry Secombe and Angela Scoular. It was based on the story Doctor on Toast by Richard Gordon.

Renowned surgeon Sir Lancelot Spratt (Robertson Justice) arranges a cruise for his patient, the famous television star Basil Beauchamp (Simon Dee). The captain of the ship is Lancelot Spratt’s brother (Robert Morley).

Doctor Burke (Phillips) becomes a stowaway by mistake when chasing his girlfriend Cinema-UK-06-16-1970(Scoular) onto the ship to propose to her. She is one of a group of models doing a fashion shoot with camp photographer (Graham Chapman). Other passengers aboard ship include pools winner Llewellyn Wendover (Secombe) and Mrs. Dailey (Irene Handl), a socially ambitious lady hoping to find a wealthy match for her daughter Dawn (Janet Mahoney).

Burke is pursued by the Master-at-Arms (Freddie Jones) who correctly suspects that he does not have a ticket. Burke tries various ruses to try to escape him, including dressing up as a doctor. Eventually he is caught and exposed as a stowaway. Captain Spratt orders him to serve as an orderly, scrubbing the ship.

When the ship’s doctor falls ill from a tropical disease, Burke takes over his duties. He is called into action when a Soviet cargo ship sends a request for help due to a patient with acute appendicitis. Burke is transferred to that ship to perform an operation. By the time he has finished his own ship has departed, and he is forced to stay on board the Soviet vessel until it reaches Grimsby. When the cruise ship finally returns to port, Burke learns his girlfriend has married the ship’s doctor, now recovered from his illness.

Cinema-UK-06-16-1970aMeanwhile Dawn Dailey, having failed to snare Captain Spratt, decides to marry Wendover. She learns after the wedding that he is not as wealthy as she had imagined. [Wikipedia]

Watch the trailer on the CarryOnTrailers YouTube Channel.


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