June 15, 1951 in UK cinemas: Kirk Douglas is an ‘Ace In The Hole’

“Rough, tough Chuck Tatum, who battered his way to the top…trampling everything in his path – men, women and morals!”

ACe_In_The_Hole-1951Ace in the Hole (aka The Big Carnival) is an American film noir starring Kirk Douglas as a cynical, disgraced reporter who stops at nothing to try to regain a job on a major newspaper.

It marked a series of firsts for auteur Billy Wilder: it was the first time he was involved in a project as a writer, producer, and director; his first film following his breakup with long-time writing partner Charles Brackett, with whom he had collaborated on The Lost Weekend and Sunset Boulevard, among others; and his first film to be a critical and commercial failure.

The story is a biting examination of the seedy relationship between the press, the news itCinema-UK-06-15-1951 reports and the manner in which it reports it. The film also shows how a gullible public can be manipulated by the press. Without consulting Wilder, Paramount Pictures executive Y. Frank Freeman changed the title to The Big Carnival just prior to its release. Early television broadcasts retained that title, but when aired by Turner Classic Movies—and when released on DVD by The Criterion Collection in July 2007—it reverted to Ace in the Hole.

Watch the trailer on the ParamountmoviesDigital YouTube Channel.


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