June 14, 1991 in UK cinemas: A Kiss Before Dying

“Loving him was easy, Trusting him was deadly.”

A_Kiss_Before_Dying-1991A Kiss Before Dying is a British-American neo-noir film. It was directed by James Dearden, and based on the novel by Ira Levin, whose book won the 1954 Edgar Award for “Best First Novel.” The drama features Matt Dillon, Sean Young, Max von Sydow and Diane Ladd. The story had been previously adapted under the same name in 1956. This was the last film to use the 75th Anniversary 1990s Universal Pictures logo. [Wikipedia]

Realising his secret girlfriend Dorothy’s pregnancy will sour her relations with her ultra-MSDKIBE EC001rich father, career-minded Philadelphia student Jonathan Corliss coolly murders her, making it look like suicide. He then moves to New York to woo her twin sister Ellen. All seems to go well for him, although Ellen’s continued investigations into what she is convinced was not a suicide forces him to kill again. [IMDB]

Watch the trailer on the rainking34 YouTube Channel.


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