June 12, 1967 on UK TV: ‘Ask The Family’

Ask_The_Family-1967Ask the Family is a British game show that was first broadcast on BBC1 from 12 June 1967 to 22 October 1984 hosted by Robert Robinson and then on UK Gold from 6 June to 10 October 1999 hosted by Alan Titchmarsh and from 4 April to 5 May 2005 hosted by Dick & Dom.

The show took the form of a quiz contest between two teams, with each team consisting of four members of a single family – two parents and two teenage children. Over the course of the thirty-minute show the teams were asked a variety of general knowledge questions and mental puzzles, with the winner advancing to the next round.


The teams were asked questions, with certain questions directed at only certain members of the family – such as “children only”, or “father and elder child only”. The series was in knockout format with each week’s winner returning in the next round. [Wikipedia]

Watch the opening of an episode from the 1970s on the tvinsider4 YouTube Channel.


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