June 6, 1959: The Three Bears make their debut in The Beano

The Three Bears was a long-running British comic strip which appeared in the British comics magazine The Beano. It made its first appearance in issue 881, drawn by Leo Baxendale at first and then by Bob McGrath for most of its run.


Ma and Pa Bear and their young son Teddy (later called Ted) were three anthropomorphic bears who lived in a setting loosely based on the American Wild West. They were lazy and gluttonous, and lived in a cave upon a hill. Most storylines revolved around their attempts to steal “grub” from the local storekeeper Hank (who often shoots at the Three Bears with his blunderbuss for trying to rob him). There was the occasional appearance by the local sheriff, and their rival bear Grizzly Gus (who had a son called Gus’s Grizzly). [Wikipedia]


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