May 14, 1961 – On UK TV: (The) Marriage Lines

TV-UK-05-14-1961Marriage Lines is a British television sitcom broadcast between 1963 and 1966. The pilot episode was first broadcast this day in 1961. The series gave Richard Briers and Prunella Scales, its lead stars, a significant boost in their careers. At first titled The Marriage Lines, the programme was written by Richard Waring, and was later adapted for radio.

When Richard Waring was writing Marriage Lines, he had Richard Briers in mind, and also worked with him on Brothers in Law. Graeme Muir, the producer of Marriage Lines, also worked on Brothers in Law. In early episodes, The Marriage Lines was subtitled A Quizzical Look at the Early Days of Married Life.

George and Kate Starling are a newly married couple, and the comedy came from many ordinary domestic situations. George was a junior clerk in an office and wanted the public house camaraderie of the single men in his office, while Kate gets increasingly frustrated by her domestic duties. In the third series, Kate gives birth to a daughter Helen. The last episode of the fourth series, Goodbye George – Goodbye Kate, showed the couple going to live in Lagos, Nigeria because of George’s jobs. This was meant to be the last episode, however a fifth series was commissioned. The Starlings’ returned to England as Kate was pregnant again, and gave birth in the final episode. [Wikipedia]


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