May 12, 1989 – On UK TV: KYTV pilot episode aired

KYTV-1989KYTV is a British television comedy show about a fictional television station that ran on BBC2 from 1989 to 1993, which satirised satellite television in the UK at the time. The show was effectively the TV version of Radio Active, which spoofed local radio stations, and was developed by the same team.

It was written by Angus Deayton and Geoffrey Perkins, produced by Jamie Rix, directed by John Kilby and John Stroud, and with music by Philip Pope. The majority of the programme’s scripts had already aired on Radio Active.

The five key actors all performed various roles, some multiple, others on a single occasion. Their main characters as presenters were:

Angus Deayton as Mike ChannelTV-UK-05-12-1989

Helen Atkinson-Wood as Anna Daptor
Michael Fenton Stevens as Martin Brown
Geoffrey Perkins as Mike Flex
Philip Pope simply as The Continuity Announcer (not named)

The pilot show was broadcast on 12 May 1989, and a series of 6 programmes began on 3 May 1990. A second series of 6 began on 17 March 1992, and a final 6 episodes were broadcast between 17 September and 22 October 1993, plus an additional Children in Need special, for a total of 19 episodes. [Wikipedia]


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