May 11, 1990 – In UK cinemas: …Elm Street 5, Leviathan, Johnny Handsome, She-Devil


The pregnant Alice finds Freddy Krueger striking through the sleeping mind of her unborn child, hoping to be reborn into the real world. [IMDB]

A_Nightmare_on_Elm_Street_5-1990jpgA Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child is a 1989 American slasher film and the fifth film in the Nightmare on Elm Street series. It was directed by Stephen Hopkins, stars Robert Englund, Lisa Wilcox and Danny Hassel. It is the sequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master and is followed by Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare.

The film’s general tone is much darker and the dream sequences are more Gothic than the previous films of the series, and a blue filter lighting technique is used in most of the scenes. The film’s main titles do not display the “5” that was used in all of the promotional material, TV spots, trailers, and merchandise. The main titles simply say “A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child”.


Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of heavy metal band Iron Maiden, wrote and performed the song “Bring Your Daughter… to the Slaughter” for the film. A second version of the song, recorded with Iron Maiden, became the band’s only Number 1 single in their native UK when released in December 1990. [Wikipedia]

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“How long can you hold your breath?”

Leviathan-1990Leviathan is a 1989 Italian-American science fiction horror film directed by George P. Cosmatos (Rambo: First Blood Part II; Cobra) and written by David Webb Peoples (Blade Runner) and Jeb Stuart (Die Hard). It stars Peter Weller, Richard Crenna, Ernie Hudson, and Daniel Stern as the crew of an underwater geological facility stalked and killed by a hideous mutant creature. Its creature effects were designed by Academy Award-winning special effects artist Stan Winston.

The film was released around the same time as other, similarly-themed ‘underwater’ science fiction and horror films including The Abyss and DeepStar Six, and received negative reviews from critics, citing numerous similarities to films such as Alien and The Thing. [Wikipedia]Cinema-UK-05-11-1990a

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“They changed his looks, his life and his future…But they couldn’t change his past.”

Johnny_Handsome-1990Johnny Handsome is a 1989 American crime drama film directed by Walter Hill and starring Mickey Rourke, Ellen Barkin, Forest Whitaker and Morgan Freeman. The film was written by Ken Friedman, and adapted from the novel The Three Worlds of Johnny Handsome by John Godey. The music for the film was written, produced and performed by Ry Cooder, with four songs by Jim Keltner.

John Sedley is a man with a disfigured face, mocked by others as “Johnny Handsome.” He and a friend are double-crossed by two accomplices in a crime, Sunny Boyd and her partner Rafe, and a Judge sends Johnny to jail, where he vows to get even once he gets out. In prison, Johnny meets a surgeon named Fisher, who is looking for a guinea pig so he can attempt an experimental procedure in cosmetic surgery. Johnny, figuring he has nothing to lose, is given a new, normal-looking face (making him unrecognizable to the people who knew him) before he is released back into society.

Lt. Drones, a dour New Orleans law enforcement officer, is not fooled by Johnny’s new Cinema-UK-05-11-1990blook or new life, even when Johnny lands an honest job and begins seeing Donna McCarty, a normal and respectable woman who knows little of his past. The lieutenant tells Johnny that, on the inside, Johnny is still a hardened criminal and always will be. The cop is correct. Johnny cannot forget his sworn vengeance against Sunny and Rafe, joining them for another job, which ends violently for all. [Wikipedia]

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“Revenge is sweet…and low.”

She-Devil-1990She-Devil is a 1989 American black comedy film directed by Susan Seidelman and written by Barry Strugatz and Mark R. Burns. It stars Roseanne Barr in her film debut, Meryl Streep and Ed Begley, Jr.. A loose adaptation of the 1983 novel The Life and Loves of a She-Devil by British writer Fay Weldon, She-Devil tells the story of Ruth Patchett, a dumpy, overweight housewife who exacts devilish revenge on her philandering husband after he leaves her and their children for glamorous, best-selling romance novelist Mary Fisher.

The second adaption of Weldon’s novel after a BBC TV mini series was first broadcast in 1986, the film was shot amid the first season break of Barr’s highly successful ABC sitcom Roseanne in New YorkMCDSHDE EC002City throughout spring and summer 1989. For a while, Streep, who was one of the first actresses to read the script, considered taking the part of Ruth herself but later opted to play Fisher instead as she felt she had dealt with a similar subject in her previous film Evil Angels (1988). [Wikipedia]

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