May 7, 1966: Quick Before They Catch Us

Quick Before They Catch Us was a British action/adventure children’s television series. It starred then child actors Pamela Franklin, Teddy Green and David Griffin (Keeping Up Appearances) as three teenagers who become amateur detectives in Swinging London during the mid-1960s. Although the series was short-lived, all three stars went on to have long and successful television careers in both the United Kingdom and the United States. Its theme song, written and performed by Brian Epstein‘s Paddy, Klaus and Gibson, later became a popular tune and one of the group’s first hits after releasing it as a single. Listen to the song on Spotify.

Kate (Franklin), Johnny Martin (Green) and Mark Dennison (Griffin) use their unique talents to solve crimes in their neighbourhood. Kate, the youngest of the three, possessed a photographic memory and was a talented artist; as well as a sketch artist, she most often trailed suspects. Johnny was a technology student and often built surveillance equipment and other inventive gadgets. Mark was the “nerdy” bookworm of the group, arguably the most intelligent of the three, and was the photographer. [Wikipedia]


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