May 6, 1963: 55 Days At Peking

“A handful of men and women held out against the frenzied hordes of bloodthirsty fanatics!”

55_Days_At_Peking-196355 Days at Peking is an historically based American Technicolor and Technirama epic film drama, produced by Samuel Bronston, directed by Nicholas Ray, Andrew Marton (credited as second unit director), and Guy Green (uncredited), that stars Charlton Heston, Ava Gardner, and David Niven.

55 Days in Peking is a dramatization of the siege of the foreign legations’ compounds in Peking (now known as Beijing) during the Boxer Rebellion, which took place from 1898-1900 in China. It is based on the book by Noel Gerson.  This film is also the first known appearance of future martial arts film star Yuen Siu Tien.


Watch the video trailer on the Night Of The Trailers YouTube Channel.


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