May 5, 1989: Michael Caine & Ben Kingsley are Without A Clue in UK cinemas

“Watson…there’s an evil mastermind on the loose!” . . . . . “…And my dear Holmes, there’s an idiot on his trail!”

A drunken Sherlock Holmes is really just a cover for the real detective – Dr Watson. [IMDB]

Without_A_Clue-1989Without a Clue is a 1988 British comedy film directed by Thom Eberhardt and starring Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley.  It also stars Lysette Anthony, and Jeffrey Jones as Lestrade.  Look out also for Nigel Davenport and Peter Cook.

The film is one of several spoofs that have been made of the canonical Sherlock Holmes. This particular spoof has three notable features, courtesy of writers Gary Murphy and Larry Strawther, two devoted Sherlockians. Firstly the main characters have been reversed, with a bumbling Holmes and genius detective Watson replacing the usual bumbling Watson and genius detective Holmes. Secondly, in the film Watson tires of his fictional creation, Holmes, and tries unsuccessfully to terminate his role, but is forced to bring him back by popular demand. This mirrors the real-life situation of the author Conan Doyle (also a physician), who tired of his fictional creation Holmes and tried unsuccessfully to kill him off. Thirdly, the character of Norman Greenhough is inspired by Herbert Greenhough Smith, the very real editor of The Strand Magazine, whose faith in the Holmes/Watson characters brought fame and revenue to both writer and periodical.


Watch the trailer on the TheMonkfan1992 YouTube Channel.


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