May 4, 1985: Ivy The Terrible first appears in The Beano

Ivy_the_TerribleIvy the Terrible is a fictional character featured in The Beano. The strip involves a four-year-old girl whose mischievous antics are a constant annoyance to her parents.

Ivy first appeared in issue #2233, dated 4 May 1985, drawn by Robert Nixon. Throughout the strip, it showed her attempts to become the toughest character in The Beano. Finally, when about to confront Dennis the Menace himself Dennis simply waited until evening at which point Ivy, being a toddler, had simply fallen asleep. He then took her back to her house and remarked, very out of character, that she ‘almost looked cute’. The popularity of the character led to the strip being expanded to two pages as of issue #2931 (19 September 1998). Later strips dropped the idea of her longing for toughness and instead concentrated on her hyperactivity and tantrums. Her popularity even grew to the point she was briefly featured in her own spin-off in which she would choose her favourite nightmares entitles ‘Ivy’s Favourite Nightmares.’ [Wikipedia]


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