May 4, 1977: The Return Of Starbuck

Galactica_1980-1980Galactica 1980 is an American science fiction television series and a spin-off from the original Battlestar Galactica television series. It was first broadcast on the ABC network in the United States from January 27 to May 4, 1980, lasting for 10 episodes.

The program was poorly received during its run and was cancelled after only ten episodes, many of which were multi-part stories. The final episode shown was “The Return of Starbuck“, which featured a guest appearance by Dirk Benedict from the original series. Glen A Larson even began to develop a sequel to this episode, but the series was cancelled during production of episode 11, “The Day They Kidnapped Cleopatra”, which remained unfinished. [Wikipedia]

G80-S01E10-titleIn “The Return of Starbuck”, the Dr. Zee character has a dream sequence of Starbuck. Starbuck’s ship is damaged in battle and crashes on a desolate planet, along with the wreckage of a Cylon raider. A need for company and his own survival instinct prompts Starbuck to revive one of the Cylon centurions (“Cy”, or Cyrus.)
The show closely follows the plot of Barry Longyear’s novella Enemy Mine, as Starbuck and Cy are forced to help each other for mutual survival. After Starbuck cheats at pyramids, Cy runs off, and later returns with the body of a pregnant woman, Angela. In the course of the show, Angela delivers her child (the future Dr. Zee), and Starbuck and Cy put together parts from both the Raider and Viper to send the mother and child (the future Dr. Zee) off to safety.

At the end of the episode, another Cylon Raider lands on the planet, and its threeG80-S01E10 occupants start attacking Starbuck. Out of loyalty to his new friend, Cyrus confronts and kills two Cylons, and in the process, he himself is destroyed. Starbuck finishes off the third Cylon, and is once again alone.

Does Starbuck escape? On his own, probably not. In “The Hand of God”, it is revealed that Cylon raiders require a minimum of two pilots to ride it. Unless Starbuck revives one of the Cylons (perhaps Cyrus), or jury-rigs the Raider to run with one pilot, Starbuck will remain stranded. []

Watch a tribute to the episode on the Panzoom Media YouTube Channel.


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