May 2, 1964: Horizon first airs on the BBC

Horizon-1964Horizon is an ongoing and long-running British documentary television series on BBC that covers science and philosophy.

The programme was first broadcast on 2 May 1964 with The World of Buckminster Fuller which explored the theories and structures of inventor Richard Buckminster Fuller and included the Horizon mission statement, The aim of Horizon is to provide a platform from which some of the world’s greatest scientists and philosophers can communicate their curiosity, observations and reflections, and infuse into our common knowledge their changing views of the universe. Horizon continues to be broadcast on BBC Two.

Horizon has investigated an eclectic mix of subjects and controversial topics such as ‘Does the MMR jab cause autism?’; it opened the awareness of consumers to the use of whale meat in pet food in 1972; and produced award-winning documentary-dramas such as Life Story¬†(starring Jeff Goldblum and Tim Pigott-Smith) in 1987 which dramatised the discovery of the structure of DNA. A 1978 programme about the silicon chip predicted the decline of the Swiss watch industry. In 1993, an Emmy winning episode about decreasing male fertility (Assault on the Male) was given a special screening at the White House.

Paul Vaughan narrated the programme up to 1995. Other narrators have included Martin Jarvis, Ian Holm, Sean Barrett, Richard Baker, Ray Brooks, and Ronald Pickup. [Wikipedia]


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