April 30: Eurovision – Ireland hosts in 1988 and 1994

1988: Canada’s Celine Dion represented Switzerland in Dublin with “Ne Partez Sans Moi“, singing in French.  The UK came a close 2nd, by a mere point, with Scott Fitzgerald performing “Go“, which was written by Sir Bruce Forsyth‘s daughter, Julie.  Neither song entered the UK charts.

Watch Celine on the dbLnostalgia YouTube Channel, and Scott on the hemlighet YouTube Channel.

Harrington_&_McGattigan-19941994: Back again in Dublin (after County Cork the previous year), Ireland were victorious for a third in a row (following Linda Martin and Naimh Kavanagh) with Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan singing “Rock n Roll Kids“.



The UK were represented by Frances Ruffelle who came 10th with “Lonely Symphony“, Francis_Ruffelle-1994which went to No 25 in the charts.

Watch the winners on Paul Harrington’s YouTube Channel and the UK entry on the
Soup Dragon’s YouTube Channel


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