April 30, 1981: David Yip is The Chinese Detective

The_Chinese_Detective-1981The Chinese Detective is a British television police procedural drama series, first transmitted by the BBC between 1981 and 1982. The series was created by Ian Kennedy Martin, who had previously devised The Sweeney and Juliet Bravo. The series starred British Chinese actor David Yip as Detective Sergeant John Ho, the first Chinese lead actor in a British television drama series. The series offered traditional police procedural storylines in a setting of occasional prejudice and distrust within the police force, and the prejudice displayed by those Ho encounters whilst doing his job. Like many other television detectives of the time, Ho was something of a maverick, often using unorthodox methods to solve crimes. The series was set in and around London’s docklands, before redevelopment began in the 1980s.

His immediate superior in the force, Detective Chief Inspector Berwick (Derek Martin,TV-UK-04-30-1981 EastEnders), often provided him a source of stress, often reprimanding him for his approach towards the cases he was investigating. Ho is also often seen visiting his father, Joe (Robert Lee), at his restaurant for advice. Like many other television detectives of the era, Ho drove a ‘classic’ car. In this case, Ho’s vehicle of choice was a Morris Minor Traveller. [Wikipedia]

Watch the intro on Robert Telfer’s YouTube Channel.


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