April 29, 1985: Freddie is Mr Bad Guy

Freddie_Mercury_Mr._Bad_GuyMr. Bad Guy, the debut solo album from Queen singer, Freddie Mercury was released during a period in which Queen were on hiatus from recordings.  It contains eleven songs, all written by him.  The album went to No 6 in the UK charts and achieved Gold certification.

For the album, Mercury compiled influences ranging from disco to dance music. It was a contrast to typical Queen work, as they were rock-orientated. The album took nearly two years to record as Mercury had to gather enough material, while committing to band activities. Initially, the album was supposed to feature duets with Mercury and Michael Jackson. They recorded “There Must Be More to Life Than This“, but Mercury dropped out of any further collaboration after feeling uncomfortable working with Jackson’s pet llama in the studio. Recording was taxing on Mercury as he took part in everything from performing the tracks to sound engineering to obtain his desired effect. Mercury used synthesizers and orchestration in track development, adding to the diversity in each piece.

The lead single “Living on My Own” had been released on 9 April 1985 and then was re-released in 1993 in a remixed form by No More Brothers, while “I Was Born to Love You” and “Made in Heaven” were later re-worked by the surviving three Queen members and included in the 1995 curtain-call Made in Heaven. The album was originally planned to be called Made in Heaven.


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