April 29, 1983: Hallelujah! for Thora Hird

Hallelujah-1983Hallelujah! was a British sitcom made by Yorkshire Television for the ITV network and was broadcast from 29 April 1983 to 21 December 1984.

The series was set in a Salvation Army citadel in the fictional Yorkshire town of Brigthorpe during series 1 (and later in the fictional place of Blackwick in series 2). Captain Emily Ridley (Thora Hird) has been posted there, having been an active member of the Salvation Army for 42 years. Despite the town and residents being seemingly pleasant, Emily is determined to flush out sin from behind the net curtains. Assisting Emily are her niece Alice Meredith (Patsy Rowlands).

The programme was a repeat collaboration between Hird and the creator Dick Sharples, having worked together on the comedy series In Loving Memory between 1979 and 1986.

The series also featured guest appearances from the likes of Hird’s Last of the Summer Wine co-star Michael Aldridge and television presenter Richard Whiteley.


The series was filmed mostly in and around both Yorkshire Television Studios and the Leeds area. Most notable filming location was Leeds General Hospital, especially appearances by old run-down buildings old and new around the Leeds-area at the time. The opening sequence was filmed outside the Garden Gate pub in Hunslet. [Wikipedia]


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