April 29, 1973: Burt Reynolds is Shamus


Shamus-1973In UK cinemas: Shamus is an American film directed by Buzz Kulik, and stars Burt Reynolds and Dyan Cannon.

New York private detective Shamus McCoy is called to the house of Hume, an eccentric diamond dealer, and is given the task of recovering some stolen diamonds. His investigation is thwarted at every turn and it is only when he is beaten by a gang of thugs to warn him off the job that he realizes that he’s onto something really big. Using his friend Springy as well as Alexis Montaigne, the sister of a nightclub owner, McCoy digs for the truth about the robbery. The trail leads to an Army colonel called Hardcore who is in cahoots with Alexis’s brother, then full circle to Hume, who’s been behind the plot all along. [Wikipedia]


Watch the trailer on the SorryHaterss kanal YouTube Channel.


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