April 27, 1979: The Dark


The_Dark-1979The Dark is a science fiction horror film starring William Devane and featuring Cathy Lee Crosby (Wonder Woman [1974] before Lynda Carter), Richard Jaeckel and Keenan Wynn.  It also stars Casey Kasem and Vivian Blaine.

An alien mutilator stalks and kills human prey during the night. The Mangler stalks the streets of Los Angeles, killing and mutilating random victims. On the trail are a TV reporter, the father of one of the victims, and a police detective, but despite their efforts only the mysterious psychic DeRenzy knows what the killer is and how to stop it.


In the screenplay stage and all the way through to production The Dark’s antagonist was an abused, autistic child who had been locked in an attic for his entire life. His house was to burn down, allowing to him to escape and take his vengeance upon the unfamiliar outside world. Toward the end of the shoot, the producers decided they wanted to cash in on the success of Alien (1979), and demanded re-shoots to change the killer into a extra-terrestrial.  Director John ‘Bud’ Cardos replaced Tobe Hooper during production. [IMDB]

Watch the trailer on the Media Graveyard YouTube Channel.


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