April 27, 1971: …And Mother Makes Three

And_Mother_Makes_Three-1971…And Mother Makes Three is a British sitcom made for the ITV network by Thames Television from 1971 to 1973. Starring Wendy Craig, it was written by Peter Buchanan, Peter Robinson, Richard Waring and Carla Lane.

Newly-widowed mother Sally Harrison is trying to hold down a job as an assistant to Mr Campbell, a veterinarian. Her children are Simon (Robin Davies, Carrot in Catweazle) and Peter (David Parfitt, film producer who won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1998 for Shakespeare in Love), and her aunt Flo tries to help. She has an occasional love interest in the form of widower David Redway, an antique bookseller who has a daughter, Jane.


In the fourth series of …And Mother Makes Three, Sally marries Redway, leading to a sequel called …And Mother Makes Five. [Wikipedia]


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