April 27, 1968: Doctor Who – The Wheel In Space

The TARDIS materialises on board a spaceship, the Silver Carrier, where the Second Doctor and Jamie are attacked by a servo robot. Jamie contacts a nearby space station known as the Wheel and they are rescued. Meanwhile, the Silver Carrier discharges Cybermats, which also travel to and enter the station. These pave the way for the invasion of the station by Cybermen, who intend to use its direct radio link with Earth as a beacon for their invasion fleet.


The Doctor sends Jamie and a young woman named Zoe Heriot over to the Silver Carrier to fetch the TARDIS’ vector generator rod. Meanwhile, he frees the Wheel’s crew from the Cybermen’s hypnotic control and to destroy all the Cybermen on the station.

When Jamie and Zoe return, the Doctor installs the rod in the station’s X-ray laser, making it powerful enough to destroy the Cyber-fleet. An approaching force of space-walking Cybermen is also vanquished.

The_Wheel_In_Space-titleThe Wheel in Space was the seventh and final story of season 5. It introduced new companion Zoe Heriot, played by Wendy Padbury, and featured the first use of the Doctor’s “John Smith” alias.  This story is also the first to have an incidental music score as well as sound effects provided by the BBC‘s Radiophonic Workshop.

Read more at tardis.wikia.com.

Watch a scene on the Doctor Who YouTube Channel.


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