April 19: Eurovision – Johnny Logan’s first win

Johnny_Logan-19801980: The luck of the Irish in the Netherlands continued, following the win by Dana in 1970, with Ireland’s Johnny Logan winning his first Eurovision at the Hague with “What’s Another Year” (he would win again in 1987 and composed the winning song in 1992).  The song went to No 1 in the UK Singles Chart.  Watch the performance on the senzate81 YouTube Channel.

The UK entry, “Love Enough For Two” performed by Prima Donna came 3rd but only reached No 48 in the charts. The group comprised sisters Kate Robbins (later a successful comedian, impressionist and actress) and Jane Robbins, Sally Ann Triplett, Danny Finn (ex-The New Seekers), Alan Coates and Lance Aston (brother of Jay Aston, who performed with Bucks Fizz, the following year’s contest winners). Watch the performance on the escbelgium2 YouTube Channel, with an introduction by Noel Edmonds.



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