April 19, 1975: Doctor Who – ‘Revenge Of The Cybermen’

Revenge_of_the_Cybermen_-_Title_CardRevenge of the Cybermen was the fifth and final story of season 12. The story saw the return of the Cybermen as lead villains for the first time since The Invasion in 1968 and their only appearance (barring flashbacks) until Earthshock in 1982.


The story was partially filmed at Wookey Hole Caves, a location renowned for bad luck. As if to confirm local superstition about the site, an electrician broke his leg, Elisabeth Sladen‘s motorboat went out of control, and stuntman Terry Walsh was injured getting her out of the water and ended up in hospital.

Revenge_Of_The_CybermenArriving on Space Station Nerva in its distant past, the Doctor, Sarah and Harry find its
crew threatened by a mysterious plague. Discovering that things are not as they seem, they stumble upon a plan to commit genocide, devised by the Doctor’s old enemies, the Cybermen.

Read more at tardis.wikia.com/.

Watch a fan made trailer on the JJPasak YouTube Channel


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