April 17, 1962: Richard Briers in ‘Brothers In Law’

TV-UK-04-17-1962Brothers in Law is a British television series inspired by the 1955 comedy novel Brothers in Law by Henry Cecil Leon. It first aired on the BBC in thirteen half-hour episodes between 17 April and 10 July 1962 and followed the trials of an idealistic young lawyer entering the legal profession. The series was adapted by Frank Muir and Denis Norden, two of the most prolific sitcom writers of the era, as well as Richard Waring.

The sitcom gave Richard Briers his first regular starring role in a television series; he also worked with writer Richard Waring and producer Graeme Muir on Marriage Lines in the same period. The series was also the TV debut of Yootha Joyce (in “Separation Order”) and the final episode inspired a spin-off series, Mr Justice Duncannon featuring Andrew Cruickshank. A BBC Radio 4 adaptation featuring almost the same cast was broadcast for 39 episodes between 1970 and 1972. [Wikipedia]

Listen to radio episodes on the petersparrow YouTubeChannel.


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