April 17, 1937: Daffy Duck debuts in ‘Porky’s Duck Hunt’

Porky’s Duck Hunt is an animated short film produced by Leon Schlesinger Productions, directed by Tex Avery, and released  by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Cinema-US-04-17-1937This short, starring Porky Pig, is notable for being the first appearance of the character Daffy Duck. Also notable is that this is the first cartoon in which Mel Blanc voices both Porky and Daffy. Originally scheduled to voice the duck, Blanc won the part of Porky earlier that year. Joe Dougherty, who was Porky’s original voice, was fired following the cartoon Porky’s Romance because he could not control his stutter.

Porky’s Duck Hunt was a very popular cartoon, well known for popular gags and the debut of Daffy Duck, and met with very positive reviews. Only a year later, this cartoon was reworked by Avery as Daffy Duck and Egghead, which was in colour. In that cartoon, Porky’s role was filled by another Avery-created character, Egghead (who evolved into Elmer Fudd in the episode Elmer’s Candid Camera 1940), and Daffy is given his name. [Wikipedia]

Watch ‘Porky’s Duck Hunt’ at dailymotion.


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