April 13, 1962: Carry On Cruising and Experiment In Terror

‘That Carry On crew in a luxury laughter cruise!’

Carry_On_Cruising-1962Based on an original story by Eric Barker, Carry On Cruising was the sixth in the series of Carry On films to be made and was the first in the series to be filmed in colour. Regulars Sid James, Kenneth Williams and Kenneth Connor appear in the movie whereas Joan Sims and Charles Hawtrey do not. Sims took ill shortly before filming began and was replaced by Dilys Laye, making her Carry On debut, at four days’ notice. Hawtrey was dropped for demanding star billing, but returned for the next entry while Sims returned two years later in Carry On Cleo. Liz Fraser notches up the second of her four appearances here. Lance Percival makes his only appearance in the series in Carry On Cruising, playing the ship’s chef, the role originally designated for Hawtrey. [Wikipedia]


See the trailer on the CarryOnTrailers YouTube Channel.

“Terror … Tension … Almost More Than The Heart Can Bear!”

Experiment_In_Terror-1962Experiment in Terror is a suspense-thriller released by Columbia Pictures and was originally released in the UK under the title The Grip of Fear. It was directed by Blake Edwards (Breakfast At Tiffany’sThe Pink Panther series) and written by Mildred Gordon and Gordon Gordon based on their 1961 novel Operation Terror. The film stars Glenn Ford, Lee Remick, Stefanie Powers, and Ross Martin. [Wikipedia]


Watch the trailer on the stereoldie YouTube Channel.


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