April 12, 1957: ‘Living It Up’ with Arthur Askey & Stinker

TV-UK-04-12-1957Living It Up was a black-and-white British sitcom starring Arthur Askey and Richard Murdoch, who played ‘Stinker’, that ran for nine episodes (three in season one,1957; and six in season two, 1958). It was written by Sid Colin and Talbot Rothwell. It was made for the ITV network by Associated-Rediffusion. All nine episodes survive in the archives.

Living It Up was a TV version of the BBC radio comedy Band Waggon, and a film had also been made starring impresario Jack Hylton. In Living It Up, Arthur and Stinker were living in a flat on top of the A-R’s Television House in Aldwych. Askey’s daughter appeared as herself, as she had done in Love and Kisses in 1955. The characters would often speak directly to the studio audience, and Leila Williams, who would later become Blue Peter‘s first female presenter, made a guest appearance, as did Valentine Dyall (The Black Guardian in Doctor Who). [Wikipedia]


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