April 10: Cheggars Plays Pop, Heartbeat and The Knock

Cheggars_Plays_Pop-19781978: Cheggars Plays Pop was a British children’s game show broadcast on BBC1 from 10 April 1978 to 7 November 1986 hosted by Keith Chegwin, who is commonly known to the British public as “Cheggers”. The show’s format consisted of a series of physical and mental challenges undertaken by two teams of children representing their respective schools, together with studio performances by contemporary pop music acts. The participating schools were predominantly from the North West area of the UK due to the choice of studio (BBC Manchester). There were two teams. Reds and Yellows. Team captains were popular celebrities of the time.

Games involving balls and inflatables were played by the teams and a pop quiz too. EachTV-UK-04-10-1978 episode also had a current chart single being performed in it.  The beginning game was always quite eyecatching. For a while the first game was called Space Invaders. At the end of the show, Cheggers would always blow his whistle and jump onto the inflatable that the final game had been played on; he led the children who all jumped on it in mayhem style to end the show.

Heartbeat-19921992: Heartbeat, a British police drama series set in 1960s North Riding of Yorkshire and broadcast on ITV in 18 series between 1992 and 2010. Heartbeat first aired on Fridays but was later moved to Sunday evenings. The 372nd and final episode aired on Sunday 12 September 2010.

Originally conceived as a vehicle for Nick Berry, on whom early series centred, the showTV-UK-04-10-1992 has seen many characters come and go over the years.  When Berry left in 1998 at the end of series 7, he was replaced by Jason Durr, who played Mike Bradley.  Derek Fowlds and William Simons were the only main-cast actors who remained with the show over its entire run.


The_Knock-19941994: The Knock, a British television crime drama, created by Anita Bronson and broadcast on ITV, which portrayed the activities of customs officers from the London City & South Collection Investigation Unit of HM Customs and Excise. The series derived its name from the distinctive “Knock knock knock” command used over the radio to synchronise a raid.

Five series were broadcast from 10 April 1994, until 11 November 2000, with a rotating cast, and only a small number of cast members appearing throughout the series’ run. The only two cast members to appear in every series were Caroline Lee-Johnson (Chef! with Lenny Henry) and Steve Toussaint (Judge Dredd, Lewis). The series also adopted a number of different formats: while the early series interspersed various storylines and had running plots across the series; later series adopted a multi-part format resulting in two or three cases per series; while the final series adopted a stand-alone week by-week format.

The series was axed following poor viewing figures, which was blamed on the loss of several main cast members, a change in the format and the overall look of the series which changed dramatically following an overhaul by ITV executives in 1999.



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