March 27 in Star Trek

1989: TNG S02E12 ‘The Royale‘ first aired.  Stardate 42625.4: The Enterprise investigates the wreckage of a 21st century Earth spaceship orbiting a distant planet and the appearance of a casino with inhabitants based on a rather poorly written paperback novel.  WATCH!

1991: TNG S01E26 ‘The Neutral Zone‘ first aired on UK TV, almost three years after the US. Stardate 41986.0: After rescuing three ancient humans from cryogenic stasis, the Enterprise-D is ordered to the Romulan Neutral Zone on an important mission.  WATCH!

1994: DS9 S02E19 ‘Blood Oath’ first aired. Stardate 47789.8: Three old Klingon warriors reunite on Deep Space 9, seeking Curzon Dax, with whom they entered into a blood oath to one day exact revenge on an enemy for killing the warriors’ firstborn sons. Finding Jadzia as worthy a warrior as they felt Curzon to be, she joins the Klingons in completing their vendetta.  WATCH!


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