March 23 in US cinemas

1977: The Domino Principle (aka The Domino Killings), a thriller starring Gene Cinema-US-03-23-1977Hackman, Candice Bergen, Mickey Rooney and Richard Widmark opened in US cinemas. The film is based on the novel of the same name and was adapted for the screen by its author, Adam Kennedy. It was directed and produced by Stanley Kramer.

Roy Tucker (Hackman), serving time for the murder, is approached in prison by Tagge Widmark) on behalf of a mysterious organization with an offer: in exchange for helping him to escape and start a new life, Tucker must work for the organization for a few weeks. Following his escape with cellmate Spiventa (Rooney), whom the The_Domino_Principle-1977organization immediately kills, Tucker flies to Costa Rica and is reunited with his wife Ellie
(Bergen). The organization’s Tagge, Pine (Edward Albert) and General Reser (Eli Wallach) return them to Los Angeles where the details of his mission slowly unfold. Realizing he is expected to assassinate someone, he refuses and the organization retaliates by kidnapping his wife.

The film opened to mostly negative reviews and lasted up to three weeks in theaters. According to Lew Grade, who helped finance the film, it “broke even.”


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